A picture is worth a thousand words.

Take your argument up a notch by using visual aids. Graphics engage and instruct jurors so they can stay focused on the issues you want them to remember in the deliberation room. 

CourtroomLogic creates powerful visuals to enhance your message. Whether you need a complex 3D animation to explain a technical patent, an illustration of a medical device, a basic timeline, or a makeover for your expert charts, we have the know-how to visually communicate your points in the most compelling way.

While you focus on legal strategy, we’re busy behind the scenes noodling ideas, sketching concepts and working our creative magic to provide you with dynamic visuals to complement and punctuate your message.

Our goal is to equip you with visuals that juries will understand, remember, and, most importantly, rely on when rendering their verdict.

It’s the decision that matters. Help your jury make the right one.

Our consultants and creative team members can provide:

  • Concrete, specific suggestions for graphics that will complement your strategic goals, communicate a clear message and enhance understanding and retention
  • Transformation of complex issues into simple visual stories
  • Timelines, document call-outs, data charts, creative illustrations, and conceptual flow charts
  • 2D, 3D and Flash animations to show movement and depth, and to bring life to difficult concepts or obscure issues

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