Post-Trial Interviews

Lessons learned

Pull back the curtain and learn what jurors thought of your recent trial. Jurors are more willing to share the good, the bad and the ugly when they are interviewed away from the courthouse steps, and we are ready to help do just that.

CourtroomLogic conducts post-trial interviews with the goal of learning what each juror relied upon in making those all-important decisions during deliberations. We discover the degree to which jurors understood your presented evidence, embraced your arguments, and accepted your trial themes. We also assess whether jurors found your witnesses and trial team to be credible. We are experts in connecting with jurors, gathering candid feedback and presenting a post-trial report to counsel that can be used as a lesson plan for future success.

Post-Trial Interviews provide you with a realistic view of how the trial played out in the hearts and minds of the jury.

Post-Trial Interviews can typically provide:

  • Insight and analysis of how jurors perceived key evidentiary issues, specific witnesses, trial themes, graphics and the overall courtroom dynamic
  • Information related to which evidence jurors relied upon when answering critical verdict form questions
  • Insight regarding any confusion or misconduct during deliberations
  • Identification of previously unknown life experiences and biases shared by each individual juror
  • Assessment of attorney demeanor, credibility, and advocacy skills based on juror feedback (if desired)

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