Witness Preparation for Depositions

Be Prepared for Battle

When is the last time you were interrogated for six straight hours? For most people, that answer is never.  Everyday encounters seldom prepare us for the adversarial experience of being on the proverbial hot seat, where every word, inflection, and reaction is viewed under a microscope.

Our comprehensive DepoPrep agenda covers a wide array of topics, including the 411 on the deposition process, the effects of anxiety on witness performance, and the ways in which a witness’s method and mode of communication can affect juror perception.

Because we learn best by doing, CourtroomLogic incorporates role-play and provides practical feedback to strengthen the witness’s credibility, confidence, and communication skills.

With DepoPrep, your witness will become better equipped to navigate the deposition process effectively and comfortably, and ultimately communicate the truth with clarity, consistency, and conviction.

DepoPrep typically includes:

  • Techniques your witness can implement to minimize anxiety, increase concentration, and maintain a greater sense of control throughout the stressful process
  • Methods to fine-tune communication style, body language and vocal tone in order to maximize positive jury perceptions
  • Recommended “safety zones” your witness can go to when faced with a difficult line of questioning
  • Objective feedback on anticipated juror perceptions of the witness’ performance, delivery and content

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