Witness Preparation for Trial

Win the War

Discovery is complete. Depositions are over. Settlement seems unlikely. The time has come to prepare for trial. Any witness can tell the truth, but only the best-prepared witnesses can do so effectively and persuasively.

TrialPrep helps ensure that your witness delivers a compelling courtroom performance. We provide insight on juror expectations and tips to build credibility, teaching an array of communication strategies to foster juror understanding and positive perceptions. The TrialPrep process is based on our rich expertise in jury decision-making, psychology and communications.

Our insight, combined with your proficiency in trial advocacy, covers all the bases.

With TrialPrep, you and your witness will refine your presentation to achieve a more credible and effective verbal exchange during direct examination. At the end of our service, your witness will be better equipped to navigate the challenges of cross-examination with confidence and to sail through direct with ease

TrialPrep Typically Includes:

  • Strategies your witness can implement to minimize anxiety, improve concentration, and foster a positive connection with the jury
  • Techniques to fine-tune communication style, body language, and vocal tone in order to maximize positive jury perceptions
  • Tools your witness can use to navigate the tricks and traps of cross-examination more effectively and credibly
  • Recommended phrasing, lead-in questions and sequencing for direct examination Q&A in order to maximize impact and juror understanding
  • Suggested facts, phrases and emotional “hot buttons” that can be integrated into witness testimony to underscore persuasive trial themes and legal positions that will resonate with jurors

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