Mock Trial Jury Research

Take your case for a test-drive

Misperceptions in the courtroom can be disastrous, but misperceptions in pretrial research are opportunities for success.

Our most complex form of exploratory jury research, a Mock Trial closely resembles the format of an actual trial with one key difference: we observe the deliberation process. Our goal is to learn which facts jurors rely on when making decisions and why those facts are so influential. Mock jury feedback can help clients obtain ideal settlements, or, in the event settlement talks fail, aid counsel in refining trial strategy to maximize jury appeal and communicate a persuasive story.

Conducting a Mock Trial affords you an opportunity to test the impact of your case presentation in a risk-free setting. Candid juror feedback helps fine-tune your case to give it maximum impact in the real courtroom.

Mock Trial Jury Research typically includes:

  • A written report containing our analysis of juror feedback, including which facts jurors relied upon when rendering a verdict, perceptions of witness credibility, and an assessment of juror attitudes involving liability and damages
  • Specific recommendations to strengthen juror perceptions that favor your client and suggestions to allay juror perceptions that work against you
  • Summary of supplemental jury questionnaire responses and a preliminary profile of ideal/non-ideal juror characteristics
  • Suggested issues to address during voir dire
  • Feedback to guide trial team decisions on strategy, refinement of themes, witness order, and demonstrative aids in order to maximize jury appeal and communicate a more persuasive story
  • Pressure points to advance settlement discussions with opposing counsel or to help the client assess the risk in going to trial

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