FirstInsight™ Jury Research

Evaluating your case: all-in or fold?

Knowing how jurors view the most fundamental issues of your case is critical to building a solid strategic framework from the earliest stages of your case development.

FirstInsight™ is custom-designed, issue-driven jury research developed for clients who want the benefit of jury feedback without the cost or time involved in more traditional jury research.  It’s our most stripped-down form of exploratory jury research and requires minimal time investment from counsel, fewer dollars from your client, and it can be conducted at any stage in case development.

During FirstInsight, we explore juror attitudes and biases, and juror perceptions toward key concepts and critical facts. We even evaluate your potential exposure to damages. During FirstInsight, we often discover new themes, and learn which aspects of the case are more persuasive than others.

With FirstInsight, our goal is to help you evaluate juror perceptions related to key issues, value the potential risk/benefit of continuing the litigation process, and develop a targeted trial story that will resonate with jurors.

FirstInsight Jury Research typically includes:

  • A concise, written report containing our analysis of key issues, emerging trial themes, and initial juror reactions to liability and damages
  • Information to guide trial team decisions on legal strategies and case development, as well as the trial team’s assessment of case exposure and risk
  • Data to identify pressure points that can be used to advance settlement discussions and leverage the client for an optimal result
  • Insight regarding hot button issues, persuasive themes and juror needs, which will ultimately assist the trial team in future strategy development

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