Focus Group Jury Research

Are you on the right track?

The jury’s perception is your client’s reality. Cases are won or lost based on how jurors perceive your facts, your witnesses, and your trial presentation.

Will jurors buy the story you want to sell?

Our Focus Group Jury Research service helps reveal what jurors think about your case as you and your trial team present live summary arguments to a panel of surrogate jurors.

Conducted in a courtroom-like setting, our Focus Group methodology provides you an opportunity to learn how jurors might react to your initial trial strategy, themes, key facts and arguments. We help weed out extraneous facts and pinpoint what matters most to jurors.

Focus Group Jury Research also identifies juror attitudes, biases and life experiences that will guide your jury selection strategies and decisions.

Focus Group Jury Research typically includes:

  • A written report containing an analysis of key issues, emerging trial themes, characteristics of potentially dangerous jurors, and an assessment of the panel’s reactions to liability and damages
  • Specific recommendations to strengthen juror perceptions that favor your client and to minimize those that don’t
  • Information that reveals pressure points for advancing settlement discussions and leveraging your client for an optimal result
  • Data to guide trial team decisions on trial strategies, legal arguments, additional discovery needs, and assessment of case exposure and risk
  • Summary of known characteristics and life experiences of surrogate jurors and proposed voir dire queries

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