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CourtroomLogic specializes in the art and science of persuasion.
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Persuasive Narratives

Successful Outcomes

Theme and Story Development

Begin brainstorming themes and developing your story before trial strategy is set in stone.

FirstInsight™ Jury Research

Use this stripped-down, cost-effective form of jury research to discover themes, potential damages, and risks / benefits of continuing litigation.

Witness Preparation

DepoPrep or TrialPrep sessions to help your witnesses navigate their testimony with truth, clarity and conviction.

Focus Group Jury Research

Identify juror attitudes and biases to help guide theme and story development, trial strategy, and witness needs.


Boost your persuasive power by using images and movement to help tell your story. A picture is worth a thousand words. And then some.

Mock Trial Jury Research

Test-drive your case without the risks of a binding decision and learn what drives juror decision-making.

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