Jury Selection

The art of de-selection

Decisions in the deliberation room are greatly influenced by whether jurors connect with you, your witnesses and your trial story.

Which jurors are likely to embrace your story? And more importantly, which ones aren’t?

With our Jury Selection services, CourtroomLogic incorporates our specialized knowledge of juror attitudes, social science, psychology, group dynamics and communications to offer unique insight into the jury selection process. We coordinate logistics, draft jury questionnaires, and even help you write your voir dire outline. . And when the big day arrives, we’re by your side to assess juror attitudes, observe jury behavior, and consult on those critical decisions related to peremptory strikes and challenges for cause.

Our goal is to help you make the best use of your limited time by identifying potentially dangerous jurors, desensitizing the panel to bad facts, and effectively advocating critical trial issues without flagging our good jurors for strikes or challenges for cause by your opponent.

Some of our Jury Selection services include:

  • Juror Risk Profile that addresses attitudes, experiences and demographics of potentially dangerous jurors
  • Suggested voir dire outline with targeted queries to identify problematic jurors or to promote case themes
  • Supplemental Jury Questionnaire and suggested objections to opposing counsel’s draft
  • Analysis of completed jury questionnaires to identify potentially dangerous jurors, potentially strong jurors, and jurors to set up for cause challenges
  • Social media searches for publicly-available data on the venire panel
  • Observation of jury selection proceedings, panel interactions and responses, and recommendations regarding challenges for cause, peremptory strikes or jurors needing additional follow-up

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