Trial Observation

Real-time practical feedback

In our Trial Observation service, CourtroomLogic consultants follow the advocacy process every step of the way by observing live trial or arbitration proceedings. While you’re in the heat of the moment, we quietly observe the complex courtroom dynamic as it unfolds.

It can be difficult for trial teams to evaluate their own effectiveness, and that’s where we can help. CourtroomLogic offers a unique perspective on how things are likely playing out in the minds of the jury. We consult with counsel throughout the day to provide guidance on important strategic decisions, and are available in the evenings to help evaluate the needs for tomorrow. In many ways, we are a shadow jury of one: we not only provide insight on what we believe is working and what isn’t, but we also offer ongoing suggestions to ensure that things stay on the right track.

By sharing our expertise in juries, courtroom dynamics, and communications, we aim to keep your trial team’s strategic direction focused, impactful and relevant.

Our Trial Observation services typically include:

  • In-the-moment guidance pertaining to strategic adjustments, witness order, facts needing further clarification, and the overall effectiveness of trial advocacy efforts
  • A non-legal perspective of courtroom dynamics, juror reactions to witness testimony and insight on how jurors likely perceive the exchange with counsel
  • Suggested issues, questions or graphics to weave into your trial presentation in order to improve juror understanding or to promote case themes
  • Assessment and feedback regarding the visceral impact of your case on the fact-finders, with practical suggestions for strategic modifications to enhance persuasiveness

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