Theme and Story Development

It’s never too early

By the time discovery is over, positions have already been asserted and testimony has been committed under oath. Don’t wait until the evidence is set in stone to start developing your case for a jury.  

Think like a juror from the get-go.

If you’re curious to discover what jurors might think of your case, but you aren’t quite ready for pretrial jury research, Theme Development has you covered. As a part of this service, we facilitate a roll-up-your-sleeves brainstorming session in which we tackle key evidentiary issues, potential trial themes, strengths, and weaknesses – all from a jury’s perspective.

Theme Development provides you and your trial team a glimpse into potential juror perceptions before legal and fact positions have been solidified under oath

Theme and Story Development typically includes:

  • Suggested themes, headlines and phrases that will appeal to jurors and can be consistently woven into legal strategy and witness testimony during initial stages of case development

  • Insight on emotional hot buttons that may be irrelevant to legal strategy or liability issues, but critical to juror perception and decision-making

  • Identification of concepts likely to cause juror confusion and issues needing careful explanation, further development or pretrial research

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