Shadow Jury

A daily reality check

Is your trial strategy and presentation on the right course?

Shadow Jury feedback provides a glimpse into the hearts and minds of actual jurors to help you determine whether to stay the course or take a detour.

A Shadow Jury consists of a small group of local residents who attend your trial and provide keen insight on issues that matter to your trial team. At the end of each day, shadow jurors are interviewed by CourtroomLogic to reveal their likes, dislikes, questions and overall impressions, and we present our analysis to the trial team that evening. Comments from shadow jurors can give counsel reason to rearrange witness order, modify outlines, revisit evidence that was unclear, create new graphics, or tweak overall strategy. And occasionally, jury feedback provides reason for settlement discussions mid-trial. Whether you’re interested in feedback for a single day or the entire trial, a Shadow Jury can provide valuable insight into the inner workings of the jury room.

Shadow jurors provide honest and uninhibited reactions so you can argue the best case to the actual jurors.

A Shadow Jury typically includes:

  • Analysis of shadow jury feedback, which can guide decisions related to case strategy, assessment of risk and the impact of your witnesses
  • Identification of issues causing shadow juror confusion that may need to be revisited, explained in greater detail or punctuated with graphic demonstratives
  • Insight pertaining to evidentiary issues that are generally accepted by shadow jurors and may need less emphasis than originally planned
  • Ongoing data to assist with assessment of liability and damages and potential risk exposure

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