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Gut Check Case Assessment

During the early stages of case development, lawyers are focused on the law. Clients are focused on the risks. But CourtroomLogic is always focused on the ultimate decision-makers: jurors. Gut Check allows the trial team to add one more point of view to its decision-making arsenal without a significant time commitment from counsel or a hit to the budget.

Simply provide a handful of key documents that best capture each party’s position, include key exhibits and let us dig in. There’s no need to meet. In fact, our preference is to begin the assessment “blind.” That way, our perceptions are not influenced by anything other than the documents and our 20+ years’ experience working with juries.

You will receive a short summary memo or, if desired, a phone or video conference to discuss our analysis.

Virtual Sneak Peek Jury Research

How can you conduct pretrial jury research if you’re not in the same room? Virtually, of course.

Virtual Sneak Peek explores juror attitudes toward specific case issues, identifies juror needs, and evaluates juror attitudes toward liability and damages.

But it’s not “typical” jury research.

Think it as a roundtable discussion led by a skilled communicator with expertise in revealing what jurors are thinking and what they deem important or irrelevant. It does not involve formal attorney presentations, which minimizes delivery bias and reduces additional billable time to the file. And we keep the group size small, which increases juror participation rates, allows us to probe deep and wide, and reduces costs.

While Virtual Sneak Peek can feasibly be conducted at any stage of case development, the ideal time is during the earliest stages of discovery, and in some cases, even before the original petition or answer is filed.

Why so early? Because juror feedback can help uncover persuasive talking points to incorporate into briefs, identify issues to target in RFPs, and help provide a framework for discovery. Discover juror needs early, so you can chase down the answers before it’s too late.

You’ll receive a link to the discussion group recording, a short summary of questionnaire data, and information about the mock juror demographics. We’ll also include an hour of our time post-project to discuss results and answer any specific questions you may have.

If you’re looking for an affordable, quick yet effective way to pick people’s brains, Virtual Sneak Peek is the answer.

Virtual DepoPrep

Is your witness a little… awkward?

It’s completely understandable. After all, when was the last time you were interrogated, let alone for six straight hours? For most people, that answer is never.

With virtual witness prep for deposition, you can prepare your witnesses without anyone leaving their home offices, living rooms, or kitchen tables. What’s more, the ability to check this off your to-do list now will take the pressure off once your deposition is on the calendar.

Our comprehensive DepoPrep agenda covers a wide array of topics, including the 411 on the deposition process, how to manage anxiety, and actionable tips for making a great first impression on the jury. Because we learn best by doing, we also incorporate role-play and provide practical feedback to strengthen your witness’s credibility, confidence, and communication skills — all from our virtual conference room.

With DepoPrep, your witness will become better equipped to navigate the deposition process effectively and comfortably, and ultimately communicate the truth with clarity, consistency, and conviction.

Give your witness the edge he or she deserves before being faced with the pressure situation of a deposition.

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