What We Do

With CourtroomLogic on your team, you’ll receive practical strategic direction and the logistical support you need. For more than 15 years, we’ve been assisting attorneys nationwide in creating successful trial strategies and courtroom presentations. Whether your goal is to reach settlement, obtain summary judgment, limit damages or go to the mat in arbitration or trial, we provide the extra horsepower that puts you in the driver’s seat.

The secret to our success is effective collaboration and an exceptional work ethic. We know how to combine our knowledge of jury decision-making and communications with your expertise of the law. And we do it well. Together we become a stronger team working toward the same goal: to advance your case and obtain the most positive outcome possible.

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When We Do It

During litigation, countless decisions continuously shape issues and shift the balance of power toward one party or another. CourtroomLogic is ready and willing to help at any time — from the day of initial filing through final resolution. And anything in between. By bringing a variety of methodologies to bear at different stages of litigation, CourtroomLogic delivers new levels of insight that help ensure that the chips fall in your favor.

The result? Issues are narrowed. Themes are identified. Risk is reduced. Pressure points emerge as tools for settlement. And your persuasive power reaches a powerful crescendo as it all comes together for you and your client.