Persuasion Matters

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As our nation is celebrating Independence Day, Casey Anthony is on trial for her life in an Orlando, Florida courtroom. Presenting Closing Arguments the day before our nation’s 235th birthday is, in many ways, a perfect example of what makes the United States such a great country: our justice system and our inalienable right to a trial by jury.  While our jury system is far from perfect, it is the best system in the world.

What a perfect time to launch the CourtroomLogic Consulting blog.

The focus will be on juries, not the law.  Even though we may not always understand the conclusions reached by jurors, to them, the conclusions are logical and true.  The better we understand juries and human behavior, the better equipped we are to present our stories to them in a way they will appreciate. Our goal is to provide a thought-provoking blog that addresses issues we are most passionate about: persuasion, juries, the legal system, perception, the psychology of decision-making, human behavior, memory, social trends and anything relevant to trial advocacy.

We welcome comments, questions and alternative points of view, and hope you’ll join us as we begin our journey into the world of social media!



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